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November 25, 2011
The opening ceremony of the largest housing complex Magnolia was held on September 24.

The management company Dexus continues fulfillment of promises given to dwellers. On September 24, Dexus opened the largest housing complex Magnolia in Batumi.

The housing complex magnolia is situated in one of administrative and cultural centers of Batumi, the coastal zone. 12-storey modern building is the largest housing complex in Georgia. Magnolia counts 860 apartments and 79 commercial spaces. Hotel-type complex offers all relevant services: modern security systems, security service, cleaning and 24 hour room service.
Construction of Batumi Magnolia has been halted during some years, company Center point failed to fulfill obligations undertaken before more than 800 dwellers and did not manage to deliver their apartments in 2008, Dexus took over obligations of Center Point in September 2010 and in October 2010 resumed construction of Batumi Magnolia. Complete rehabilitation of the complex was carried out in less than a year. Infrastructure, water supply system and sewage were put in order. The problem of internal communication was solved, drainage system was repaired. The total area was equipped with necessary facilities. The corridors and stairs were decorated with mosaic. 17 elevators were installed in the complex, the territory adjoining the public garden was covered with asphalt coat. Yard paving tiles were replaced. The lighting system was installed. 10 million GEL was spent on the construction works.
In the first part of Magnolia opening ceremony the presentation of informative character was made, the guests received information about all services of Batumi Magnolia, and in the second part avant-garde pop-band from Germany RazOhara and Odd Orchestra presented a musical program to the invited guests.

Management company Dexus took over Center Point in September 2010 and since that time resumed construction of 12 facilities. Total of 23 million GEL was spent on construction works and rehabilitation of projects. 6 projects have already been completed and 1550 dwellers were satisfied with these completed projects. The company has worked out a three-year rehabilitation plan of Center Point. According to the plan by the end of 2013 all customers of Center Point shall be satisfied.